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Scrawled across my Valentine’s Day card of choice is ‘I love to watch you while you sleep’, in those kidnapping letters. If that doesn’t spell out love then I don’t know what love is…

If that doesn't spell out love, then I don't know what love is.

So Valentine’s Day is upon us, which gives us singletons every reason to be bitter and sickened at the day that is devoted to celebrating soppy love of the worst kind. But as I am sat writing this in Black Medicine Coffee, I realise that, as a singleton, I love Valentine’s Day.

Yes, I may be surrounded by loved-up couples; but, as I eavesdrop on their banal conversions and their petty squabbles over who gets the last bite of the cookie, I thank myself for remaining true to myself. For not giving into finding someone, anyone in fact, even the fat, ugly and the boring, to keep me company this February fourteenth. Okay, so I may not feel this elated on Valentine’s Day every year. But I am very lucky this year to have friends to celebrate the day of love with. After all, the celebration of love shouldn’t be confined to simply Eros. … continue reading this entry.