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The Trouble with Women

Reason to grumble...

Casual sexism is regularly overlooked. You cannot even buy a pint of milk from the corner shop without being bombarded with advertisements featuring images of over-sexualised women or chocolate bars marketing themselves as ‘not for birds’. Sexism has been trivialised and labelled as frivolous, as just a bit of harmless fun; we have become immune to it. Yet every once in a while I find myself gasping at more overt instances of evident patriarchy.

Take The Sunday Times Style magazine column, ‘The Trouble with Women’. I have a deep-rooted love for this sophisticated lifestyle and fashion supplement, but when I first saw this title, I thought there must be some kind of a joke going on. It couldn’t be what it says on the tin. Could it?Yes, it could. I found that it was a column that allowed men to vent their frustration at (misunderstanding) women’s behaviour, making The Sunday Times an avenue to proliferate their conservative ideologies and coach women on how to a good wife. … continue reading this entry.