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This week, Sara’s great but….

I'm late for an important date. Again.

I’m running late. Again. My heart is pounding as I power walk to the theatre production I’m supposed to be reviewing; I dodge in and out of the crowds of slow walkers. A quick glace at my watch shows that I have four minutes to get to the theatre and pick up my press tickets, which, I estimate, should take ten. I shake my head, not in disbelief, but annoyance at my continued unpunctuality. … continue reading this entry.


This week Sara, unconverted by a Games Messiah, laments the decline and fall of a British Grumbler…

Sex God aka Charlie Brooker.

We all have opinions, and that is why we all love reading other people’s opinions. It’s not so much to agree with them, to dotingly follow their every thought process, as to disagree with them, to laugh at and, occasionally, seek advice from them.

… continue reading this entry.