Letter, Student.

Dear Harry,

We were rather disappointed with the deprecating comments that you made towards left-wing women that were printed in Student 23/9/08.

We do wonder how can one advocate that ‘Life is better under a Conservative’ with the superficial reasons that you gave to support the statement and through your encouragement of sexual exploitation and the objectification of women.

To encourage an advertisement that alludes to women being subordinated sexually by men with the tagline that ‘Life is better under a Conservative’, not ‘under the Conservatives’ is extremely shocking. It is not a poster that is promoting a better life for modern women, but as a means to con women into accepting a secondary place to men.

Life is not better ‘under a Conservative’ and we much prefer the ‘woman on top’. You should try it; you might even like it.

With kindest regards,

Women of the World.


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