The Improverts, Fresh Air at the Festival

Fringe Festival veterans, that is, Edinburgh University’s improvised comedy act, The Improverts, are hitting festival goers with their famous spontaneous sketches for the 19th year in a row.

Five budding ‘Players’ raised the Bedlam Theatre roof last night by the amount of laughter they generated through their lightening delivery of comedy, all at the request of the audience. The audience threw the actors in at the deep end with their bizarre suggestions, which the Bedlam ‘Players’ expertly changed into a seamless comedy sketch which had the crowd laughing out loud and applauding mid-scene.

During the one hour set the ‘Players’ performed various games in which the audience suggested the topic and direction of the scene, making sure that no two shows are the same. The highlight of this particular show was ‘Marriage Counsellor’, in which director Robin Stewart and fellow ‘Player’, Michael Whitman made the audience howl with laughter as they acted out a sketch about a married couple who had a problem with the others’ obsession; the former with teacakes and the latter with peacocks. The show closed with the game ‘Freeze’ which allowed further audience participation with the audience joining the ‘Players’ on stage.

The energy from the show was heightened by the masterful lighting and synchronised music, which was rapidly adapted to the audience’s suggestion for each scene.

The finale concluded with a bow from the ‘Players’ and rapturous applauds from the crowd. The audience exited the old church venue fully entertained, exclaiming ‘I loved it’. The Improverts is definitely a must-see show of the Fringe.

***** Expect lots of audience participation and lots of laughs.


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