Red Blood Shoes, Fresh Air.

A buzz of excitement filled the bare stone walls of the Edinburgh vault as the mixed crowd of music lovers gathered in anticipation for the most tipped new band of the year. The energetic, punk band Blood Red Shoes have been the talk of the 2007/08 music scene as their pop lyrics, mixed with the eccentric guitar riffs and ritualistic drumming ensures that even the most unwilling of listeners cannot be help but tap their feet to their tunes.


The Brighton duo which consists of Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell , which has led to conspiracies like those that surrounded the White Stripes with questions like are they going out or are they brother and sister?, have been together since 2005 and have numerous gigs under their belt. There were lots of expectations surrounding their sold out gig at The Hive, Edinburgh, as the band reached the point in their musical career when it was time to prove that they were not just a band that spilled out repetitive punk tracks, but a band with musical variety and live talent.


The evening did not begin smoothly however with support band Make Model’s lead singer bursting open his head, thus leading to the support band having to cancel at the last minute.
When Blood Red Shoes arrived on stage earlier than expected this heightened the atmosphere within the small rectangular room. The band began their set with a comedy cabaret, as Steven Ansell dipped into some stand-up comedy. The distinction between band and fans was merged by inviting a member of the crowd onto the stage to join in with the theatrical farce. However, this introduction led to boos from the audience as Ansell should more than definitely stick to his day job as the drummer because his jokes should be likened to a terrorist attack; lots of explosions, but ultimately disastrous.


After fifteen minutes of ‘comedy’ the band finally jumped into their set opening with their trademark repetitive guitar riffs. The band certainly got the crowd going especially when they played singles, “You Bring Me Down” and “I Wish I Was Someone Better”. The snare drum on “I Wish I Was Someone Better” thudded around the room and made it impossible for the crowd to keep still. So if you like punk/pop of The Subways then you must check out Blood Red Shoes, because they are basically reproducing the same genre yet Laura-Mary can actually sing.
It was only a short set of fifty minutes which shows that the band have yet to find that happy medium of quick, punk tracks that last two minutes thirty-seven seconds, by incorporating more ballads, as there was a distinct lack of slower tracks in this set. The band state on their website that they do not want to produce “cheap-shit predictable music”, yet the lack of variety in their set suggests that this is what they are pumping out, quick and easy punk/pop which everyone loves. But it certainly moves us.

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